Plugin Development

why plainsurf ?

Why PlainSurf ?

The focus of our expert developers is to provide exceptional plugin customization and development services that satisfy all your business requirements. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest technology trends so that they can blend their creativity with modern technology.

We work closely with clients to identify business objectives so that our developers can formulate a detailed roadmap for implementation. Based on the information gathered during the initial stage, we develop custom-built plugins that have a mixture of business logic, efficiency, and technical scalability.

We offer the following types of WordPress plugin development services

WordPress Plugin Development


WordPress Plugin Customization


WordPress Plugin Integration


we offer the following types of WordPress plugin development services

PlainSurf’s Achievements

Plugin Developer Badge

By developing plugins following the WordPress standards we have successfully hosted our plugins on the official WordPresss & earned the “Plugin Developer” badge.

Attendance System

PlainSurf developed an Employee Attendance System plugin in order to track daily employee attendance, show previous attendance. Currently, it has 100+ active installations.

User Login Statistics

The “User Login Count” plugin will help site owners to count the number of times the users logged into their WordPress account. Also, it will show when last time the user logged in.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I develop a WordPress plugin with you, who will own source code?

Complete ownership of the developed product, including source code, belongs to the client alone, we abide by strict NDA terms.

How long will it take to complete?

A standard WordPress website takes approximately 50 days to create. If there are a sublimate number of customizations, it may long last up to 100 days to build a rich Woocommerce (online store) based website.

Which is better, customizing or creating a new plugin?

It depends on your needs. If the plugin partially fulfills your needs, it can be customized to meet your requirements. If you want to add new functions to the existing plugin, we prefer to build a new plugin.

Will the plugins you develop be compatible with the existing and next versions of WordPress?

We can make the plugin compatible with the versions released before we begin the project. However, we do not have any control or access to the changes that are going to happen in the future.

Do you re-build plugins of other CMS for WordPress compatibility?

Yes. We can re-build and migrate the business logic that worked in other CMS’s to your WordPress website.

Can you customize a paid plugin?

Whether you are a small business, a start up, an online business professional, we can customize paid plugins, but it is not recommended because the custom features in future upgrades of plugin files will be lost. Instead we can create another custom build function or plugin to interact with paid plugins to achieve your goals.

What is included in after support?

Once the website is deployed and released, our support long lasts up to 3 months. Minor changes, training and documentation are served. We won’t re-design complete sections of the site.

Are plugins updates free or paid for?

Well, it depends on whether you are using the free or premium plugin. If you are using free plugins then you can update it free of cost. You’ll receive an update on your WP admin panel. While if you are using our premium plugins then you should have the license key in order to receive future updates.