Plainsurf Solutions

Bridging Innovation and Community through Open Source Contributions

Open Source Contributions

At Plainsurf Solutions, we are passionate about giving back to the community. Explore our open-source contributions, ranging from free WordPress plugins hosted on the official directory, adorned with the Plugin Developer badge, to invaluable Node packages for the broader web development ecosystem. Join us in fostering innovation, collaboration, and accessibility in the digital landscape.

Our Open Source Initiatives

Embrace the spirit of collaboration by exploring our diverse open source contributions.

WordPress Plugins

Discover a collection of free plugins meticulously developed and hosted on the official WordPress directory. With over 5000+ active installations, we take pride in our Plugin Developer badge earned from the WordPress community. Our plugins cater to various needs, ensuring seamless functionality and enhanced user experiences for the WordPress community.

Node Packages

Beyond web application development, we actively contribute to the Node.js community by creating free npm Node packages. These packages serve as valuable resources for developers working with React, Node, Express, and more. Join us in shaping the future of web development by exploring and leveraging our open-source Node.js contributions.