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Plainsurf Believes in Spreading Knowledge

At Plainsurf, our commitment extends beyond industry service; we are dedicated to empowering students with knowledge and insights. Our industry experts actively engage in delivering workshops at colleges, providing valuable industry-specific knowledge. In a saturated market where students grapple with choices, Plainsurf endeavors to be a guiding light, fostering clarity and understanding for the professionals of tomorrow.
Workshop for College Students by Team Plainsurf

Linux Workshop

In our past endeavors, we successfully conducted a thought-provoking Linux Workshop, facilitated by industry experts deeply passionate about the world of Linux. Over two intense days, engineering college students were immersed in the foundational aspects of Linux, exploring its application in the dynamic field of DevOps. The workshop served as a catalyst for collective brainstorming, fostering an environment where students not only honed their technical skills but also engaged in insightful discussions about the intrinsic superiority of Linux.

Glimpse of Linux Workshop

Workshop Conducted for College Students
Workshop Conducted for College Students
Students Attending Workshop
Workshop by Plainsurf

AWS Workshop

Reflecting on our journey, we recall the impactful AWS Workshop delivered by certified experts. Tailored for engineering college students, this two-day session was a true brainstorming experience, delving into the realms of cloud computing and DevOps. The collaborative atmosphere encouraged students to actively participate, contributing their ideas and insights. Beyond just acquiring technical skills, participants left the workshop with a broader understanding of the AWS landscape and its seamless integration into the world of development operations.

Glimpse of AWS Workshop

Team Plainsurf With Students
Felicitation Yusuf
Workshop Conducted by Plainsurf